Running Light


To run ‘light’ has a lot of different aspects. Many things that have to come together for that perfect run where you feel like you are floating along and could run forever. To me, one of the most important things that factor into running light is your actual weight – which is an obvious one. Usually race weight is a few pounds lighter than your normal weight, if you are lucky and don’t eat too much during taper. So by the time race day comes and you finally get to run again you feel extra light.

Another part is what you actually carry with you. It’s quit possible to have a few electronics attached to you along with keys, energies, water and who knows what else. The essentials are usually the Garmin, I-phone/I-pod, shuffle, sunglasses, earphones, fitness belt – with keys, Stingers, salt, money, ID, etc. All these little things can add up. Sounds crazy but the I-phone can start to feel heavy after carrying it for a certain amount of miles.

The third and one of my most important is what you eat and drink the day and night before. Trust me… I have run after eating taco dip, pizza, drinking beer etc. and it isn’t easy. All this in your stomach can really weigh you down and make you feel sluggish. Too much water the morning of also leaves you heavy and ‘sloshy’. Loading up on water the day before and then having just an 8ozer before the race or run usually seems perfect to me. Then once you start to sweat you can add the water back in. Eating just the right amount of carbs and proteins the few days before hand seems to be the best way to go. I’m not huge on ‘carbo loading’ – unless beer counts? But the night before a run I do like to get in a little bit of wheat pasta with broccoli and chicken – perfect!

no spilling this time

all ya need

So lately since I’ve been not so light on the food portions I have been cutting back on the junk that I carry. It was starting to get a little out of hand with all the stuff I had attached to my body. Include Murph in that and you might as well be power walking. So let’s start to strip the things we don’t need – if I stop back at the car or am doing a run shorter than an hour I can cut out carrying Stingers. Wearing shorts with little hidden pockets for my keys can eliminate the need for the fitness belt. Switching from the I-phone (sorry, folks… no pictures!!), to the shuffle if much less to carry. Sunglasses – light, and Garmin – seriously… you think I’d give that one up – let’s not be crazy here. Now I just need to work on my midnight/all day snacking and I’ll be ‘light’ as a feather. How much do martinis weigh I wonder…
There are a few other things as well. Weather can play a major part. Humidity makes you feel heavy and full and weighs on you. Perfect running conditions (ah hem, San Diego!!), always make a difference. Then there is the whole bathroom factor… and I don’t mean peeing. Most runners will say (and yes we do all talk about this kind of stuff when we are on long runs together), that… if you don’t go to the bathroom the morning before a run or a race, it ain’t good!
So hopefully switching up all these things will help the running light factor, as well as getting back into ‘training shape’ and not ‘shore shape’.  I am always a little lot envious when I see those college dudes out there running on Kelly Drive who are totally cut up, running in just shorts and completely light on their feet. They make it look SO easy breezy!!
WORKOUT – yoga

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