Essentials for Packing


This is basically all you need… oh yeah and people! I am starting to think what a great idea it is to hire movers. Next time… I will have to because I will hopefully be moving out of state 😉

Ok, so what do you really need to move – water (because it is 100 degrees in Philly and you will sweat like you just ran 10 miles) – next you’ll need wine to relax (because, let’s face it moving sucks) – sharpie to label stuff (and write funny things on boxes) and tape measure because eyeballing it just doesn’t cut it.

I’m not exactly happy with the fact that my blog has become all about moving lately and NOT all about running. That will change though, starting tomorrow! I am going to head out for a little baby 3 miler and see how things go. Hopefully the rib is healing nicely and there are no issues with any other annoying injuries and/or problems. And now that I’m finally re-hydrated after OCMD, no muscle cramps!

And soon it is time for (drum roll please) AP’s PHILADELPHIA MARATHON TRAINING PLAN!! Can you tell I am super excited about this!? Less than four months away actually… is a little crazy. That means training needs to start asap – and serious training needs to start in September. The summer is winding down, folks – not cool. 😦

beer mugs - obviously

PS – you know you like to drink when half of your stuff is packed in Miller Lite or wine boxes.
WORKOUT – yoga again…

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