Now ya See it, Now ya Don’t


Wow, it felt about a year long since I bought these guys and have been so anxious to try them!! Today was the day. 5 miles this morn in new sneaks in a new neighborhood. Just the running jump start that I needed. Surprisingly enough five felt pretty good and I wasn’t hurting at all. This makes me a little less nervous for Chicago. Not training at all for my first half has me a little stressed out, besides that fact that I’ve been too busy moving and cleaning out the last 4 years of my life that I haven’t even checked my flight schedule or race details!! If you asked me what time the race started and where the starting line was I wouldn’t have a clue… let alone how to get there and where the expo even is. This race is gonna be a little unprepared to say the least… should be interesting.

So here’s some things I like to see, nice new hardwood floors!! And by new I mean new to me… they are pretty much about 10x older than I am, but awesome! Some other things I like to see are a cool glass of wine with seltzer and frozen pineapples as ice cubes (yeah I’m weird, but try it and then you’ll see).

Some things I don’t like to see right now are a million and one boxes sitting all over the place. Clothes everywhere and walls that aren’t decorated. I wish I was Giuliana Rancic so I could have someone move for me. Then I’d be done all this by now and be able to have fun again! And yes, randomly enough I have the same exact counter tops here as I did before – at least some things in life are consistent.



not cool

WORKOUT – 5 miles, weights

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  1. LOVE those hardwood floors, april! we have wood here too, but yours is much more to my liking! congrats on the new digs…and have fun in chicago 🙂

    August 12, 2011 at 2:43 pm

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