Chicago Bound

messy papers

Chicago Baby!! I am finally getting excited after my run this morning. Last week I was a little nervous since I hadn’t run in a few weeks, had a rib injury, was moving, and also eating junky on top of all that. I didn’t even know where half of my running clothes were… not cool. But now we are back on track after a nice ‘lil run this morning on the SRiver Trail and down Kelly Drive.

Gorgeous day for a run! Hit up 6 miles in 52 mins… not bad, felt pretty good, although was a little huffy puffy and felt like I was going super slow. Which, I kinda was for only doing 6. Oh well… a few more and I would’ve hit the half, so as long as all goes well on Sunday I’ll be good to Rock ‘N’ Roll. Already looking forward to that MGD64 and a little Bret Michaels at the end of the race. And then it’s right back to Philly to start training on Monday for THE PHILADELPHIA MARATHON – which I’ve been wanted to run for about two years now. So excited… and let’s just say – start making your signs now because I expect to have a lot of spectators! 🙂

blue sky

WORKOUT – 6 miles, weights

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  1. you are kind of a CRAZY person! i’m just now starting to think about choosing another half to run, and you’re on your way to a half this weekend, with another full in the Fall, and considerations for running Miami this Winter?!?!? i’m impressed! be careful…no more injuries, k?

    August 12, 2011 at 2:45 pm

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