What NOT to do Before a Race

So I’m sure you are all anticipating my Chicago race weekend recap just as much as I am looking forward to writing it. I had a blast this weekend and can’t wait to blab all about it. I think the RnR Half went really well too… all things considered. First of all – no training, – having a broken rib, – carrying a few extra ‘L to the B’s’ around the waistline, – not knowing any info about the race or expo, – etc. etc. The list could go on. Well here’s a few more that I added to it. Just a few little tips and tricks of things that one should NOT do when prepping for a race.

Wearing sneaks that aren’t broken in…


 Or wearing these guys around town a day or two before…

 Drinking a ton of these two nights before…

 Or drinking anything that lights up…

 Staying up until 4am, making phone calls, eating pizza and chocolate donuts… 

 Waiting til 10 minutes before the Expo closes to get your race packet…

 A few little extras like wearing running shorts that I hate and not having caffeine or my usual breakfast. But mostly just some funny things that I normally would be worried about but it seemed to be a ‘take it as it is’ race, and all in all it turned out really good and I had a blast – and that’s all that REALLY matters.



Like this:

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