Look out Milwaukee, Here we Come

watch out for these two

Leaving for the airport on Friday I was super excited! Trying to think of a good Mid-Western saying for that. We’ll just say I thought “ooooh yaaaaah, caaahn’t waaaait!”. Friday morning riding in the cab with the windows open through Philadelphia, gorgeous cool weather, sun is coming up and I am about to get the opportunity to visit some amazing friends and run in an awesome new city – what a butterfly-esque feeling!! So what to start off the trip with?… a balanced breakfast of banana and red wine. Delish. 🙂

The flight out to Milwaukee was actually a breeze (let’s remember I said that when talking about the flight home) and I am really starting to love traveling by myself. I probably looked like a big dork walking through the airport with a huge grin on my face. Once I landed I got so excited to see Lor and get the weekend started that I couldn’t help it. Lori has the most contagious smile too, so you can’t help but be a little giddy around her. Well – that was pretty much the theme for the day. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in such a long time. First we did a little MKE tour and then dropped off my stuff. Next stop food and beer – of course.

da beach


ale house

See what I mean?? I bet you are all smiling just looking at this picture. We hit up the Milwaukee Ale House for some great food, good brews and some much needed girl talk. Breweries are the best because you get to try a bunch of new beers and most of them have more percent alcohol content then your good ‘ol Miller Lite. Being the awesome blogger that I am I didn’t have my notebook with me all weekend (that was sarcastic if you couldn’t tell), so the little details of the weekend are forgotten. Like the type of beer that I had – which was great. So far at this point along the trip I was eating healthy and feeling good… that was all about to change.
Next up… getting our nails done. Funniest time at the salon. Honestly it would be way too hard to explain but I’m pretty sure they hated us there by the time we left. And yes, I did have to tell the girl to ‘keep my calluses on my toes because I was ‘running on Sunday’. So once Greggers got done work we got ready to go out to a brewery tour and a fish fry… gotta love MKE! Minus the spelling of the city and the fact that I have to google it every time just to remember how to spell it.

good stuff


Lakefront Brewery where you get about four fresh brewed beers, a crazy fun tour guide and lots more laughter for $7. Can’t beat that! And they also make you sing Laverne and Shirley at the end. What a dangerous good start to the night. Yep 8:00pm is early when you are out until 4am – oops. So after starving ourselves for about 8 hours… actually more like 4 but who is counting, we found a great ‘fish fry’. Tracks Tavern was perfect… and much needed fooooood. By far the best fried cod I’ve ever had, so good I would chance another 5 hour wait in the Phila airport (we’ll talk about that later) just for more.

naked lady?


Well apparently I’m a bad influence on Lori and Greg because they haven’t drank had this much fun in a while! By far my favorite bar of the trip was the Foundation Tiki Bar , and it was so good that we even went there twice in one night. The most amazing and strong tropical drinks and cool atmosphere. Not to mention getting to meet fun new people and a bar tender that love/hated Lori. Reasons – asking what is in every single drink, and stealing a menu. Oh well.. we spent enough money there on Mai-Tais and tiki men (mugs that are shaped like tiki dudes – NOT actual men).

tiki drinks


As if we didn’t have enough to eat already we had to stop at Wawa ‘whatever local late night food place’ they have in MKE and get frozen pizza and chocolate donuts – thanks Greg! Not exactly what I call pre-race food but at least I will now have had enough sugar to last me until my run on Wednesday morning. 🙂 And this is just Friday night mayhem…

WORKOUT – 30 minute elliptical, weights


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