Sometimes a Girl Just Needs Flowers

all good things

And Beer! Love, love, love that I can walk anywhere now and basically get anything that I could possibly need or want. This could be seen as a bad thing or a really good, fun thing. I like to look at the second option. Finding a new restaurant, bar, shop, parking spot, laundry, nail place, salon, market, pizza place, etc. etc is so much fun. On my way back from some errands today I walked past this cute little market and got suckered in by all the flowers out front. Who doesn’t love some fresh-cut white roses to cheer up the house!? Plus I’ll need something to put on my dresser (once I get it put together – darn you IKEA furniture in a box). So I figured I’d pick up some beer while I was in there. I ended up spending about 10 minutes talking to the lady behind the counter and explaining why Blue Moon is good with an orange slice. She said she always wondered why people bought them together, which I thought was pretty funny. Guess you had to be there? I told her to try it tonight and let me know how it was… pretty sure she actually will.

Run this morning went well. A little tired but I’d like to consider today as my first ‘official’ run in my marathon training plan. I think tomorrow’s 12 will be a little easier considering I won’t be drinking about 20 espresso martinis tonight!

WORKOUT – 5 miles


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