More Moving Drama

seriously, i have to put this together?

Sometimes I really crack myself up. And I still haven’t figured out if that’s a good or bad thing. I’m guessing good… especially now that I am living alone, at least I know I will always be entertained! Yesterday Mom was nice enough to come over and help me yet again. She either feels bad for me or really loves annoying tasks. We set out to put together my two IKEA dressers. Me being hung over and tired as usual per a Saturday morning afternoon, I was definitely not in the mood. Instead of helping I decided to draw funny sayings on the directions instead! 🙂 JK, I helped… but this made it a lot more fun.

IKEA dude needs a beer

WORKOUT – 11 miles (and just in case anyone was wondering, I’ll be changing the workout color to orange for marathon training) – how exciting!


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