Memory Lane Monday – Lost Count


Training plan for yesterday was a 12 miler but I only got in 11. I blame that on the pending storm 🙂 – no, seriously! Also had a ton of knee and hip pain. So trying to out run the storm and running through pain it still wasn’t a bad run and I enjoyed it. One problem about out-and-back runs though is that if you are hurting or hit bad weather you have no choice but to tough it out because you have to get back somehow. I was almost ready to ask for a ride yesterday! I’m sure hitchhiking on Kelly Drive is looked down upon. Not sure what was up with my knee but it felt like it was ready to give out. My diagnosis is overuse and lack of stretching since it seemed to be up and down my whole right side. It’s time to start doing yoga again everyday… AND actually stretching out before and after my runs.

The thunderstorm made the sky look absolutely amazing… wish I would have had my camera with me. It reminded me of the beach in the evening when it gets dark. Picturesque clouds, perfect breeze, the leaves turn up on the trees and it feels calm and peaceful. I was definitely enjoying myself. Everyone else was running super fast to get back before it started to pour. I kept thinking of this picture… Harv surfing as dusk. It’s the perfect view of life, and enjoying the good moments and living what you love.

WORKOUT – spin, weights, yoga


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