A Whole Lot of Healthy Stuff

good stuff

Today was a pretty healthy day. Figured I’d really get into it 100% since we are in full training mode now. And yes that means being a psycho and measuring out things that I eat. You’d be surprised what a real serving is when you actually look! So a trip to Whole Foods was in order. Love that place… but always end up spending more money and buying little extra things that I don’t really need. One time I spent $8 on chap-stick at the register – oops. It’s Shea Butter Vanilla though and it smells sooooo good!

So anyway stocked up on lots of good stuff including frozen Acai berry puree for smoothies – can’t wait to try it! So what other healthful things are there to do around here… walk everywhere, and go to the gym. That’s pretty much about it. Everything else requires spending money and or drinking/eating. I hit up the gym this morning and forgot how much I missed it! Dr. K said not to do anything that makes my rib hurt which is unfortunately, sit-ups so I had to skip cut back on those. Something about the gym makes you more motivated too… maybe it’s all the intimidating equipment? There’s nothing I really do there that I couldn’t do at home but it’s much more fun! No one was there today, just me so that made it even better… and I could take pics without people thinking I was a weirdo. 😉

pretending to do sit-ups

WORKOUT –  30 min elliptical, weights, yoga

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