Baby Run

backwards words

Today was supposed to be a hard 5 miler but turned into a little baby run. I didn’t feel like being out there and knew I had a million things to do today. (blogging is not one of them so I am basically wasting more time right now). At least you all are getting entertained! 🙂 It was great weather and I felt super motivated going out – even wore my 26.2 shirt and ‘short shorts’ for extra motivation. I planned to really run hard but once I got out on the trail I felt really heavy and sluggish and slow. Not good combinations! No good music was coming on so I decided to just go with it and have today be my easy baby run. Did 2.5 out and back to round out an easy 5. Still having a little knee and hip pain but hopefully will be able to keep stretching and running that out. I also may be purchasing The Stick soon – meaning today! More on that later!

I’m also pretty sure I saw a guy run by me and do a kissy face at me. Um… thanks dude but a nice wave and smile will do just fine next time. Knew I shoulda left the shorty-shorts at home.

Run Baby Run!!

Perfect post run drink – not that I feel like I got a great workout, but I’ve been looking forward to this guy. I had to wait for my avocado to get ripe, YUM! – this time I skipped the banana and used a whole avocado. Looks gross but taste good! 🙂

green smoothie

WORKOUT – 5miles, yoga


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