LOVE – now

Things to love now! It’s been a month already… so here goes.

1.Espresso Martinis  2.Body Cycle on Monday Mornings  3.Starting marathon training again (aaaaaaaand.. crazy April is back!)  4.Blueberry Martinis (apparently martinis in general)  5.My new apartment!!  6.BMRC  7.Looking forward to fall weather  8.Looking forward to Philly Marathon  9.Being done with moving  10.New Beginnings  10.Coconut Water  11.Summer Sales!! and more sales  12.Hopefully getting highlights soon – after seeing this picture  13.Doing things on my own  14.Traveling to fun places, SOON!  15.Chicago  16.Half Marathons  17.The best latte ever  18.Running in the rain  19.Yoga  20.Earthquakes in Phila – seriously??



yoga for runners


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