Calm 14 Before the Storm

lotsa laundry

The running schedule this weekend said my long run was a 14 miler. And by that I mean the Excel Spreadsheet training plan that I made up on my own and am obsessed with. So yes… I wanted to do a 14 mile run as my long run this weekend and planned on Sunday. Well… little Irene has me all messed up now since apparently we are going to have major rains and winds and possibly power outages. Plus…. Philly is having some pretty hot parties on Saturday night so it’s probably best I got my run out of the way as to not have to do it hung over. Or not be able to go out – seriously though, let’s get our priorities straight.

So I didn’t have time this morning to do the whole 14 so I did 4 which flew by and didn’t even feel like I got much of a workout in. Well… this afternoon was another story. Running in the heat/humidity is starting to get old for me – it definitely cuts back on your performance and causes that sick stomach feeling. I’m also thinking my Garmin doesn’t like all the sweat being dripped on it either because it has been acting up and being annoying and overall slow. I don’t remember San Diego Marathon training being this hard in the beginning so I’ll blame that on the weather and see how the fall starts to turn out. Surprisingly though the run went well. I stopped to stretch a lot because my knee and hip are still hurting, but I was able to keep up a good pace. Mileage this week is going to have to get cut back though to see if this goes away on its own. Two runs in one day also calls for lots of laundry to do.. oh well, at least it’s all colorful!

the garm

Post run snacks were delicious and I was so hungry! I’ll talk about my new found love for Chocolate Milk and ‘The Stick’ in my next post… as long as I have internet and power?? Glad I got the long run done for the weekend so now I can party and see how this hurricane craziness goes. I’m assuming it’s going to be like being in the city in a snow storm except people will be wearing less clothes 😉

little kid milk

WORKOUT – 4 miles, yoga, 10 miles, weights


6 responses

  1. kim desko

    April, does your Garmin calculate distance as well as time?

    August 29, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    • yep yep!! but it hasn’t been doing such a great job lately. 😦

      September 1, 2011 at 6:22 pm

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