Worst Yet Most Fun Blogger Ever

Yep so I’ve been the worst blogger ever. I even missed out on Memory Lane Monday! And haven’t been posting the most insightful, fun things lately. Also have been a little slacking on the ‘being the best person I can’ lately since I’ve been just doing my own thing and enjoying myself. But hey… I deserve that once in a while, esp after my crappy (to say the least), past two years. So now that I’m out of my annoying/moving grouchiness/rough patch, it’s time to enjoy life again. Sooooo much going on this weekend and had the best time ever!! so let’s just get a little visual re-cap and I promise I’ll be back to posting on a regular basis soon. And yes by weekend I do mean Friday to Tuesday.

taking cover during the hurricane 'party'

bob marley's


more sunday fun

love this girl already

Enough “said”….
WORKOUT – yoga

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