Athletic Hangover

Lactic Acid in Muscles – Myths, Beliefs

Lactic Acid  – Sports besides running (is there such a thing?)

LC – Running

Here’s a little tip to all runners out there… never run 23 miles in two days in the heat and humidity, skip your ice-bath and then drink and eat like a piggy before you re-fuel and re-hydrate. NOT a good idea!! After OCMD my muscles were  still sore, a week later. Over a week off of running and I was still feeling it. Maybe my muscles were just missing running too much!? Or was this Lactic Acid buildup? Or was I just really dehydrated and wrecked havoc on my body?

So I’m not sure how much I really believed this whole LC theory anyway. I just figured you did major damage to your muscles when you run long distance or run really hard, speed train, run in the heat etc etc. I found some articles and did a little google stalking research on Lactic Acid and what it really is.

So here’s the deal, listen to your body and what it’s telling you, or trying to tell you. I’m probably the worst at this because I feel the need to push myself to the limit and if I set out to run 10 miles that morning, I AM GOING to run 10 miles whether it hurts or not. Hence having to go to the ER after running 13 in the heat and humidity with a broken rib.

Now…. what to do about this knee!! I went out this morn to run 5 with Murph and 5 on my own. I could barely walk let alone run and I only got in 2 measly miles. The Stick has been helping a little bit but only when I use it – go figure (it’s not magical). Switching up my running shoes is going to be my next test. Ever since I opened up the new Asics Nimbus 13 in Chicago I’ve had an issue. These are the same ones I ran with in SD but the updated version, so who knows they may have switched something up on me – too bad they didn’t change the boring pink and grey color scheme though.

they 'look' the same

WORKOUT – 2 (REALLY!!??) 😦


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