Murph, I just Wanna Run

helping pick out sneakers

My day consisted of running, shopping and more running – all with Murph’s help. You’d think this would be the perfect day but the running aspect, not so much. I set out again this afternoon to try to run my 8 that I wanted to get in, I even wore my good old worn in marathon sneakers but no such luck… still way too much pain. Murphy and I had to turn around and only do 3. Things running through my mind – “Who can I blame this on, oh yeah no one but myself… How long do I really need to train for a marathon? What if I have to rest for a month, can I train in two? Maybe I’ll just wing it all together like Chicago Half? – wait, no way! How crazy am I going to go with no running in my life?” This is not cool, and I am not happy. Also not happy that Murph can prance along with no problem and gets way more compliments than I do 😉

So this little problem is definitely an IT band issue. Probably from overuse, sneakers, running on a pitch, and lack of hip stretching. All of which I’ve been doing so it only makes sense. Time for a new plan, Stan! No running for at least a week, possibly prospecting new sneakers (and I already have my eye on the ones I want and hopefully will work), switch up my running paths. The SR Trail leading to KD is definitely pitched and you can’t run in the middle because you’ll get hit by a biker. Time for a change of pace anyway… hello Valley Forge – I’ve missed you! Stretch, Stick, Ice, Repeat. Then I’ll re-assess in about a week and see how things are.

also hates when the garm only reads 5miles

Shopping part of the day was fun! Philadelphia Premium Outlets seriously rock! Got a $130 shirt for $29 and a… drum roll pahleeeease… $498 leather jacket for $59.50 – no lie! Love.

did you buy me anything?

WORKOUT – number 2 – 3 painful miles

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