Down with your Dog

i like yoga

First of all I can’t take credit for this title because the new yoga place in Manayunk has it posted outside to let people know it’s ok to bring their dogs in.. thought it was funny. I do have to admit that I’ve loved having Murphy here with me and I did really miss him. However… he has been getting on my nerves this past day or two. Mostly the reasons are my fault anyway because he hasn’t gotten enough exercise, and yesterday because I was hung over and annoyed with everything. And he also chewed completely through his walking collar so now he forgets how to walk normally and looks like a crazy wolf dog in search of sheep when we are walking around. He does love people and is a shadow dog by instinct and also has some “Mommy issues” so he’s always right where you are and where you need to be. Under foot when you are trying to walk anywhere. He follows you to the bathroom, sits on you when you are doing yoga and brings over his toys to put in your face most other times. Cute if you like that sort of thing 😉

I think he needs to be a little bit more like this girl…

i like to sleep standing up


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