How Much Time!?

2010 TNT phila schedule

We are about 10 weeks out right now from the Philadelphia Marathon. I recounted this about 20 million times on my calendar because I didn’t believe it at first. Mostly because I haven’t been training at all with these ridiculous injuries and feel so unprepared. I should be doing a 16-er this week and have had at least a 14 under my belt. Which I guess I technically did do HERE but tend not to want to count it since I split it into two sessions and ran through pain. So, plan from here… if all goes well and I can start back slow next week I’d still like to do 12,16,12,18,16,20,18, as long runs before it’s time to taper.

Going to Fusion this morning at 6am wasn’t exactly “resting” – that sh*t is hard yo!! Oh well, at least it was fun and started off my day right… and early.

Murphster left this morning… now I will actually be able to get things done, but guess that means back to pictures of me – sorry ya’ll.

WORKOUT – fusion, yoga


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