Homework oh Homework

If I got paid for procrastinating I would be seriously rolling in some dough. I planned to get up early, go to spin, do about 50 million errands and homework all day. Spin didn’t happen and neither did getting up early. I think I really need to get on a good sleep schedule and actually start setting an alarm clock again. Pretty sure you all hate me right now for even saying that. Sorry! šŸ™‚

Instead right now I am blogging, obviously… trying to figure out what marathon I want to run in the spring (Vancouver anyone!? Heather!!?), and checking out my painting that just came in the mail. Hhm, what color pillows would go best with this… pink!!? Why not?


Guess I work best under pressure. Maybe that’s why I have been putting off training as well. And also getting a couch, putting together my TV stuff, and the list goes on. I promise I won’t complain about moving ever again after this, but it really is annoying and takes a while to feel settled.

serious wires

Back to Chemistry…

WORKOUT – yoga


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