Why We Run

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There are a million reasons out there why people run. Lose weight, stay in shape, healthy heart and lungs, to check out other runners, to think they are cool… over-all fitness, determination, passion, love for the ‘sport’. Energy, stress relief, the list goes on and on. But some other reasons are way more important and running for other people and for charities and life and real reasons is what it’s really about. I read this article in RW a while ago and thought it perfect for 9/11 – obviously that is why they printed it in the September issue.

The thought of this approaching day gives me goosebumps (not the good ones), nervousness, sadness, anxiousness. I definitely think I have the feeling about my own approaching anniversary ‘if you want to call it that’ that probably a lot of other people have dealing with September 11th – except on a whole extra level. I can’t imagine going through what so many people went through that day.

Each of these stories is very emotional in their own different way. All are runners and talk about September 11th and how that day changed their lives forever. How they used running as therapy, to remember, to mourn and to honor. After I got done bawling my eyes out, I realized how true it all is and how I have used running to help me as well.

There was also a reader who commented on the article and said:

NYCBound writes: 8:07 AM on August 15, 2011

9-11 has motivated me to run also. My brother was killed that day in tower #1 of WTC. He was lucky enough to be picked in the lotery to run the NYC marathon that November. Eventhough he was unable to run, a family member has run in that race with his bib number for the past 10 years (starting 2001). I will become the last of the family members this November to run with his bib number. Prior to these events, I only ran a little bit. Now I am averaging at least 20-30 miles a week as I train for this. It will be fitting to have a long run scheduled on the 10th anniversary… I am sure we will have a nice conversation as I take on this feat with my family here by my side but also my brother looking down on me with admiration.

THIS IS WHY WE RUN! – Check it out!

WORKOUT – yoga


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