It’s all in Your Head

teeny tiny

So there have to be a million and one things I need to catch up on and talk about. Don’t worry I am not writing all of them down so I can remember in full detail. Oops. Tomorrow is the day I try to run again – new sneaks, new attitude… we’ll see how it goes. Starting out slow is going to be hard but better than nothing and definitely better than making an injury worse. Sometimes I wonder though how much of it is really in your head. There is a lot that you can control just by telling yourself you are going to do it. Don’t get me wrong… I don’t think you could just go out and run a marathon without putting in the hard work and training that it takes. But I also think you must have the right mind-set and attitude. Obviously you aren’t going to do anything in life if you say you ‘can’t’.

Red Nike race gear is turning out to be my new mind trick. I look at them everyday and picture crossing the finish line, ANY finish line. Of course it will be too cold in November to wear them but in my head I am picturing a perfect, sunny San Diego day. Also, it helps to see how teeny tiny they are and hope that I can fit into them again. Chinese food, cheese steaks and beer does not help this much. Maybe I need to stop hanging out with people who are up to their 18 mile runs when I am only doing… zero.

Here goes for tomorrow…

WORKOUT – yoga


One response

  1. Bev Holzer

    Just take your time, enjoy the run and you will be fine April 🙂

    September 13, 2011 at 6:22 pm

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