VF Rocks

lotsa trees

Well… I must say that I am very very pleased with today’s run. Number one – gorgeous, perfect weather! I loved the fact that I could wear long sleeves. Number two – Valley Forge. It was definitely nice to switch up the running scene and route. And I forgot how much I like running out there, doing the loop in the peaceful park with no one around. And Number three would have to be not too much ITB pain. Lots of other reasons as well… the fact that I could run more than 4 without pain!! I took the run extra, extra slow trying to stay over 10 minute miles and kept my stride low to the ground. Seemed to work out pretty well. Plus taking time to stop and take pictures helps. Another reason VF is cool – no one is around to give me weird looks or bikers to run me over.

Started getting super excited about running when I got my stuff together last night (lame, I know but you’ve already been warned). And yes, being excited to run the next morning does contribute to my non-sleep issues. I packed my breakfast too since I had some errands to run in KOP afterwards. And by errands I mean shopping.



What is this bowl of mush?? Oatmeal, strawberries, banana and then I added in the chocolate milk and microwaved it this morning. Not actually bad! Could have been a little warmer by the time I got around to eating it but the choc milk gave it a little different taste.

breakfast - post run

So by the time I stopped off in Manayunk to fix some things at the house and drove out to VF. Laced up… etc, etc it was a little later than I thought. But that’s why perfect running weather is perfect running weather. You don’t have to rush around to get your butt out of the door at 5am just so you aren’t breathing in 90% humidity and have sweat dripping down your face just from putting on your Garmin.

all my crap - in a dirty car

Shockingly nice bathrooms here too, and they are finally finished and re-done. Definitely a nice plus when you are used to using the blue porto’s on KD – especially after a dragon boat race weekend.



look, no bikers!!

Finally got the run started and felt great! LOVE hills… love this loop, nice easy slow pace (don’t love that, but didn’t want to push my luck). I stopped to take about a million pictures. My right front shin was hurting (looking at my Anatomy book I think it is my Tibialis anterior) probably from the IT being tight and pulling?? So again… running slow. Didn’t feel any knee pain until about mile 4, which is way better than Wednesday. Mile 5 started to hurt but not to the point of stopping. I finished out the run in an hour – 6 miles. Yes, a little slow pokey but it’s worth it if I can ease back into training.

this is what i looked like running slow


blue skys


the only 'traffic' at this park

Super happy at the end of the run when I stopped and started walking around and still no pain. Even walked through the mall, up and down some stairs, still felt good. Score today! And another score for the day… these big bad boys!! Can’t wait to wear them tomorrow night. And you know what that means… more fun stories from the weekend and less boring running stories.

bad boys

WORKOUT – 6 miles, yoga, weights

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