Mojito Madness

the 'funny' check

You know you have a fun Sunday when you spend $114 on Mojitos. This is after drinking 2 pitchers of Mango margaritas, and a shot of tequila (because we couldn’t ‘taste’ the alcohol in the margs). Well, we all had good excuses! Actually there is no need for an excuse to drink on Sunday. It’s still the weekend, so I really see no idea why not! Started off with B’s Bachelorette Brunch in AC – which I’ll talk about later. Although I was waaaay too googly eyed over all food to take many pictures, instead I ate about 12 plates worth of the buffet. After I got home I headed to Mixto with a few friends and it ended up being a great group of random friends who really all hit it off well!!

not patron - but darn good!!

I used to HATE Sundays. Hate, hate, hate them… even though it was a day off, I’d usually rather it be a Monday night then a Sunday night. Something about the anxiety of the beginning week and preparing to start it all over. Wow – the stuff I used to worry about!!? Apparently though this is a common thing. Everyone gets stressed about the week and what they have to do at work and getting back to reality after two days off. I think also, that by the time you settle in and relax after working a long stressful week, Sunday you finally de-stress and then you have to prep for the coming week again already. Whoever designed working 5 days and only having off for two, is dumb.

mango margs

Anyway, Sunday anxiety is not cool. H and I used to food shop on Sundays and then lay around all day watching football (even though I voted for Reality TV). But still this was always fun and enjoyable with the one that you love – obv. Of course after he was gone I had a really, really, really hard time getting through this dreaded day every week. But now I am starting to learn to embrace it more. One – yes I don’t have a Monday through Friday 9-5er that I have to stress about. But… two – I try to enjoy the whole day! There are always long group runs and food and drinks afterward to look forward to! Meeting up for BRUNCH (by far the best Sunday activity – only if it comes with alcohol, which in most cases it does). Going out with friends and getting to meet tons of new friends! It seems the last few Sunday’s have been a great mix of fun and people, and it’s awesome getting to meet so many new friends who all come out for the same beloved gathering. The Sunday Funday – going out to some bars, usually early… getting together with friends and meeting new ones, drinking a little or maybe a lot, forgetting about the next day and the workweek and enjoying the rest of your weekend. Drinking off your hangover, maybe even making a few bad decisions…

oh – did you think there would be any pictures of ‘bad decisions’ ??

Well, I thank all my new, old and future friends for SF Days. Love them. And they have made my Sundays much more enjoyable. I look forward to more..

WORKOUT – weights


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  1. Mojitos make me happy! Nice work!

    September 22, 2011 at 2:19 pm

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