Travel Train – Next Stop

what to pack??

Yes, I know I have been to a lot of places this past year. And I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to do so. Thanks to great friends, TNT, oh… and not having a job. Let’s see so far my count is – Riviera Maya, Miami, San Diego, Chicago. And before the end of the year it will be Cabo, and Miami round two. I plan on starting off 2012 with some fun hopefully warm travels as well! Looks like Vancouver is on the horizon for a marathon in May!!!! – (more excitement on that later). I’m also heading out this weekend for a little ‘get-a-way’ from Philly… let’s just call it that. Don’t ask, it’s a long story and I’m not going to tell you anyway 😉 Maybe when I get back.

With all this traveling you’d think I’d be getting good at packing etc. Not so much. I even recently got some of my sunscreens and lotions taken away at the airport on my way to Chitown. Luckily it wasn’t really sunny when I was out there so it was all good. Not quite sure I get this… how is it they can take away your stuff for being .001oz over the limit yet you can get through with Mace in your purse? (and I don’t mean this GUY). Then they strip search/x-ray you when you have to walk through with a cast on. No lie – happened to me in Atlanta when I had to travel with a walking boot on. Not fun. They smear ‘bomb-detecting’ powder on you and then x-ray your cast. But the lady told me not to worry since the x-rays only emitted a few harmful rays, just as long as I wasn’t pregnant at the time. Great thanks… if I ever want to have kids… they are already going to be weird enough as it is.

mess number one

And yes, I am taking Chelsea Handler with me – I wish! I’m pretty sure she would be an awesome traveling partner. Alright so what are some good tips for traveling?? I’m not sure really… I usually just throw a bunch of stuff in my bag that I think goes together for the weather type where I’m heading and then get little bottles of sundries and I’m good to go! But then I always get there and am either too cold or too hot and wish I had this or that with me. So here’s a new goal – become a better traveler… and hopefully still get to travel a lot!

mess number two

If the Stick fits in my suitcase I will be incredibly happy! Be back with some fun pictures and hopefully great travel tricks. Doubtful – more like… here’s what I forgot and I didn’t wear half the stuff I brought. Helllooooo sweatpants all weekend!

WORKOUT –  6 miles (ITBizzle at mile 4 – I don’t even want to talk about it)


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  1. This is my favorite one so far! lol =]

    September 23, 2011 at 4:42 pm

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