The Road To Nowhere

dreary road ahead

Normally this would be a great scene for me. Endless path, no one around, little bit of drizzle. Perfect. Nope – not today. I finally think I am coming to the realization that the Full Marathon on November 20th is not going to happen. 6 miles today, far from pain-free. I keep saying next week it will get better and as long as I get in a few 16 and 18 mile runs I’ll be fine. Well… I really don’t think that is going to be the case. Looks like this path is a lot longer than I thought… about a year longer. One more year without running Philly. (insert HUGE sad face here). At this point I just want to be able to run again without pain. It is very, very frustrating to have the stamina to run the distance but be held back by pain. I can deal with aches and pains and soreness but pushing through an injury is never a good idea. Goodbye Philly Marathon dreams – I will see you next year 😦 Now it’s on to the doctor, and looking for a winter Marathon to do.

WORKOUT- 6 miles, weights

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