Not what you’d think coming from this one (pointing at myself). Although I have been called that yesterday in the past. Walking around today on my way back from work (yes, I do that once in a while), I came across Lush. I’ve driven by a few times before and have been intrigued but never had the opportunity to go in. I think I fell in love – yet again. Bright colors, amazing smells, friendly people, huge bold writing, colorful and creative packages, fun slogans, green products, sparkles… and much more. Seriously whoever does the marketing for this place is a genius. Maybe they work for Nike also.

There were about a million new fun things to try. Everything looks like you could eat it (and some of it you can!). Which only adds to the appeal. I think my favorite were the bath and shower “bombs”. Throw them in your tub during a bath and or shower and its instant iromatherapy and fun! I’m not a huge fan of showers, I think it’s kinda like a chore (seriously, how did I ever get anyone to marry me, I’ll never know). Anyway so anything that makes it more fun, bring it on! Most of these little guys have creative and not so G-rated names and slogans that go along with them adding to their lushness.


You also get to try anything you want and they’ll show you how it works. You’d be surprised how hard it is to add water to stuff sometimes. Plus if you’re a dude you might like the fact that they rub stuff on you – and not in a creepy way like the people at the mall. Check it OUT. comparable to Bath and Body Works it’s like going on a hot date to Capital Grille vs the drive thru at McDonald’s by yourself at 2am.


Perfect place for gifts or presents to yourself. Much safer buying a bathbomb or lotion then a new handbag when you need a little retail therapy. I left with a few things – not all for me! And felt smooth, sparkly and happy on my way out. And also still had money left in my wallet. Can’t go wrong there.

my favs

I got – lip scrub that tastes like mint julips… rub it on, and lick it off (told you, not always appropriate for children). Made with real sugar and tastes delicious! Tinted lip balm that is the exact perfect color and a cool name. A silky smooth powder which is a major upscale version of grandmas’ talcum powder. And a bunch of stuff for a certain someone’s 30th B-day tomorrow!!!


lush times call for lush measures

WORKOUT – foam roller (not exactly a workout), yoga, weights, stretches AND signed up for a gym membership (yes, this counts)

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