Real Boring Real Fast

after din drink

This blog is going to get real boring, real fast since I’m not running – and being obsessive talking about running. I’m definitely going to have to take a major break, not sure how much yet since I will be seeing the doc next week and finding out what the deal is. But I’m assuming it will be the typical – “No running for a few weeks… blah, blah, blah…. PS – your life will suck for a few and you’ll be majorly stressed out btw if you haven’t figured that out already. Take two advil and call me in the morn”

So what to blog about?? My normal life I guess? Hhm… maybe this will be interesting. Here was my night, Chem class and lab and drinking an “apple sangria” and researching how to get rid of fruit flys. Yes, that is right – lamo! Let’s give me a little credit… I did have a super long/tiring yet fun weekend and didn’t get home from class until late.


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