30 Years of Lori

That sounds like a lot to handle. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. L for putting up with raising such an amazing daughter. This girl has the best outlook on life and the biggest smile that you could possibly imagine. Yes, bigger then mine even… remember THIS!? . Can’t go out with this chick and not have a good time, no matter what you are doing. You want to laugh…? Hang out with Lori (but buy her a few shots first though).

big smile

So Saturday’s debauchery started off in Manayunk with a shot of Patron Cafe at the Manayunk Tavern. I gave Lori her ‘Burberry’ gift and we were on our way to party!! Sitting outside Devon is one of my fav places… especially when you spot Shane Victorino getting out of his car! He must have not seen us since we are usually BFFs, and was on his way – but that was the first excitement of the night.

excellent!! but doesn't soak up the alcohol very well

Can’t beat free Birthday shots either! And also necessary when you have to wait in line to get into the next bar. Ladder, Black Sheep…. partying, dancing, much more drinking. All in all a great night! And I’m pretty sure Lor lived up to her 30 experienced years of partying. Only to welcome in the next new era. Which I am very much looking forward to!! I did lose count by the end of the night but by the way we are all acting you’d think we would have done about 30 shots for 30 years.

cheers! again…
WORKOUT – stretches, 65min elliptical, yoga

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