Did you Sign Up Yet?

I forgot the most important part! And don’t forget about cord blood donation too… easy and simple. And it’s all FREE! Here’s another journal post that I came across. I’m actually enjoying going through some of these and reading things from last year. It really puts everything into perspective. Today you are worried about chemo and tomorrow you are worried about your chem lab.



Tuesday, November 2, 2010 12:33 PM, EDT

Morphine + Benadryl + Ativan = tired Harv!!! Oh yeah plus having Leukemia. So the bone marrow biopsy is done. The NP did a great job… they are VERY painful and uncomfortable procedures! Harv is happy that the pain is over, now it’s just the anxiety of waiting for the results. We should hear back on Thursday or Friday, and will know if it did not work – to see if he needs another round of chemo or not. So let’s keep praying that Harv can finally catch a break and everything looks good with the biopsy! More blood and more platelets today, the norm around here. I would love to know how many gallons of blood HUP goes through in a day. Give blood if you can! And think about joining the Bone Marrow Registry… again. (I am annoying, I know). But so important and so easy 🙂

True story… I don’t know real names, but this is a story that I heard through one of the other patients here on the floor. It’s someone she met through her own Leukemia diagnosis… meeting other patients with similar stories. So… there was a young woman who lived in TX (we’ll call her Sally) who got diagnosed with Leukemia a little while before her wedding. She needed a Bone Marrow transplant and did not have a sibling match. Luckily she was able to find a match through the National Marrow Donor Program. A middle aged male living in Chicago (we’ll call him Jim), got a call that he was a match for someone and was asked to donate. Since you are not allowed to meet your donor until a year after your transplant, Sally had no idea who Jim was. The transplant was a success and Sally fully recovered and got back to living her life and planning her wedding. Though having not yet met Jim, she sent him a wedding invitation and he attended. The time came for the first dance… instead of dancing with her husband, Sally announced that there was a true angel in attendance and asked Jim to have her first dance. She said she would not be at her wedding at all if it were not for Jim!

And I’m sure you were all wondering about my workout…

WORKOUT – 65min elliptical, stretches, weights, yoga


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