Zz is for Motivation

my new three best friends

Sometimes you just need a little Zzzzs to get motivated again. There’s nothing like starting a hard-core workout routine that does NOT included running! You guessed it… it sucks! I’m not a fan of the gym, or people telling me what to do ie JM. So this new non-running thing is going to be real annoying for a while. I’m trying to work through the IT issue and get back to running STAT, but no pressure for the marathon now ;( which is dis-heartening to say the least. I just have to keep thinking Philly will still be here next year, I just might not be here in Philly. But there are many more marathons on the horizon. Hopefully.

Doing some cardio again felt great but 1 hour on the elliptical doesn’t even compare to running in any way. Sometimes though you just need a break to get motivated again (and heal/fix annoying running issues). Sleep also helps and a day of rest was muuuuuuch needed for me. After about 24 hours of napping I was ready to get going again this morning.

Here was my day yesterday… woke up at 12pm – hung over, sick with a cold, grouchy, still in a food coma. Not a good morning afternoon wakeup. I went to the Doc’s, and came right home and went straight to bed again. I left the house to go to the market to get food and socialized with E for about 2.5 seconds when I woke from my nap around 8pm. Weird day. And to top it all off I dropped and broke my favorite salt shaker that I’ve had since freshman year of college. I’m going to try to not take this as a sign that now there’s one lonely bunny pepper shaker all by himself in my cabinet.

bye bye bunny


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