Call me a Chic Pea


True and true – you ARE what you eat. Well if that was literally true I’d be a big chic pea (maybe mashed in with some red wine). Hhm… that would be an interesting humus. It is true that what you eat makes a huge difference in body fat/mass/skin/ over-all health. Very true. You could eat perfectly, drink a ton of water and only do organic stuff, etc etc and look amazing. However – I DO believe that running (and I mean running A LOT) can kinda counter act most of that. Yes, when training one should be careful about what they consume in order to make the most of their runs and workouts. But when running a ton and ton of miles you can really pack away the food! Trust!

When I was training for the SD Marathon and up in miles in my long runs, 16, 18 and 20 I would refuel healthy enough after runs. Which usually consisted of a beer and a chicken sandwich with cheese and fries (not exactly ‘health food’), and then still wake up in the middle of the night and be starving!! I could eat everything in my kitchen!! Taco-dip, oatmeal and toast with PB and honey was a fav. Or pretty much anything that I had in my fridge or freezer that was semi-edible. AND I must say for the amount I was eating, I looked and felt much better. So yes… I believe it’s true, you can counter what you eat by working out. NOW – I am not recommending becoming a gym rat and going 10 times a day or spending hours on the elliptical so that you can go out and eat a piece of pizza. But I think you need to know what your body needs in order to fuel itself for the miles and endurance it is facing.

So I guess what I am getting at here is… I can’t wait to eat Taco-dip at 3am again and have it be all good. 🙂

WORKOUT – 65min elliptical, yoga, stretches (stupid ITB – I really loathe you)


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