Coffee and Company

finally K!

Since it’s been absolutely gorgeous weather!!! And since I can’t get outside to run 😦 what is there to do?? Go get coffee with friends! Or by yourself sometimes… that’s ok too. Wednesday Katya and I finally got to catch up. So nice to walk around the park on a beautiful day with SB and fun things to talk about. It’ so hard to keep in touch with everyone since people have such busy lives, but even just the little things make a big difference. You don’t have to plan a huge night out but meeting for just a few minutes for a hug, coffee and chatty chat is all ya need. Usually random meetings end up working out better anyway. So we had a great time! I think I could sit in the square all day and people watch. If I can’t start running soon and thinking of things to post about I just might have to do that for ideas!

But lately I have been doing a little cheating! :0 on SB that is. There are soooo many cute, fun little coffee shops around and I love trying new ones all the time. I found a great new place, Pure Fare. I walk by all the time and finally got to go in. Super healthy locally grown foods. Great coffee, vegan, gluten-free, fresh… all that good stuff. Plus they have a huge picnic bench inside with swinging chairs. How do you not love that? I did some homework while I was in there, which consisted of reading my chem lab while trying to talk to this yoga instructor about going back to school. Needless to say I didn’t get much done. BUT I did have an awesome lemon poppy-seed muffin, and coffee!

looks like fall

WORKOUT – fusion (kicks my butt… need to do this more often), and of course ITB stretches (yes, JE – I actually DO stretch!!)


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