Into the Hurricane

This is how I feel! I am stepping into a hurricane right now. Two days of 13 hour shifts starting now, on no sleep and a cold 😦 I am not a happy little girl right now.


I did get to see and run with some of my TNT friends this morning though, which was very refreshing after my night last night. Hanging out with a total A-hole… it is amazing that some people think they are God’s gift to the earth – Wow! Long story. Anyway, running this morn was good! And I got the ‘ok’ from my fav PT that everything looks good with my knee – Thanks Laura!! 🙂 I feel much better now just knowing that. Can’t wait to ease back into it.

Found this while I was at the gym, and it actually gave me chills (yes, just a lil bit). I can’t wait for this again! And really really gives me something to look forward to.

true love

WORKOUT- 2miles?? (not sure, no Garmin), 30min elliptical, 30min bike, stretches



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