Biking and Reality TV

Two hours of biking at the gym does not relieve stress when you are texting and emailing the entire time! After laying in bed all day yesterday being sick and wasting yet another Monday I decided I better ‘start my week’ off right today. Still feeling really sick I thought the gym might help (and no, I am not sick from being hung over – I AM actually sick). Planned on doing some biking and trying to run on the treadmill but an hour on the bike kinda flew by because I was catching up on all my texts and emails that I haven’t responded back to and have been a total shade-ster lately. Realizing this was counter active I hit up the reality TV! Love how there are TV’s on every piece of exercise equipment at the SC , makes gym time much more enjoyable. I really didn’t need to find another reality show on Bravo to be obsessed with but hey, it happens. The Rachel Zoe Project is my new one, after today and two plus hours of it. Wasn’t sure about this girl but now I think I love her. Or maybe just want her life? Isn’t that why most RTV shows are great? And getting paid to basically just live your life would be pretty cool.

No pics today unless you want to see me using frozen edamame to ice my knee, but I think those are getting a little boring.

WORKOUT- 2hour bike, yoga


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