Pretending You’re Someone Else


Saw this advertisement from Cigna in my RW – something about insurance but I didn’t really read it because I loved the slogan so much!! I had to tear it out and hang it on the fridge. So true. It’s a great marketing idea and really makes you think and realize how we try to be like other people in so many ways. When really we would be much happier just being ourselves. That’s where happiness truly stems from, is being and loving yourself and getting to live who you are and live what you love!

Lots of fun weekend stuff to come, as soon as I have time to go through my 20 million pictures and write-up something semi-creative. Chem test tomorrow so it’s looking like the mountains re-cap is still a few days away. Hold on to your pants!! 😉

WORKOUT – 1 hour bike, yoga


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