This not That

So I’ve been trying to figure out my upcoming races… even though I’m not supposed to talk or think or plan anything until I am healed and can run again. But that’s impossible so… I decided I’d like to run SD again and hopefully mentor this time with TNT. And registration is officially open now. Kind of crazy – June 3rd 2012. I really really really hope I get to do something else before this, but… am realizing that I have to have a better attitude about it either way. Or else I’m not going to get through this IT stuff. Even though no running is involved it’s still a lot of work – foam rolling, stretching, taking care of myself – which I really haven’t been doing a good job of. And it’s all the crappy stuff that goes into running without getting any of the reward. Adrenaline rush from long miles, the ability to eat whatever you want, the runner’s high, the determination. Instead it’s the weight gain, losing muscle, being stressed, hurting just from walking… blah blah. But my attitude could improve…



not That!

WORKOUT – yoga

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