Healthy Labels and Stuff

Going from eating crappy food and not working out for a few weeks to trying to eat super healthy is tough. It’s amazing how much you can eat when you are logging in 16 mile training days. And it’s also amazing how much you can eat when you are drunk and/or hung over. Pretty much about the same – one problem you gain weight doing the second one.

So here goes eating healthy while not training to try to remain somewhat in shape. LOTS of veggies! Spinach has been the best thing ever, cooked up with mushrooms and onions.

looks blah but tastes good

Found these little guys the other day and they are pretty darn good! I try to look at Cals, Fat, Protein, Fiber and Sugar when I look at the Nutrition labels. Sometimes I take a look at salt too because some things can get a little ridiculous. And then of course the serving size. Because you can think something is really good and then realize there are about 5 servings in a container or two in a bottle, etc. Of course when you are sitting down to eat the whole bag of Stacy’s Pita Chips or Vanilla Ice Cream – as has happened on occasion – then you don’t need to worry about servings.

raw stuff

 So the past few days have been lots of this stuff, and tea – which is decent but I do miss coffee. And of course beloved PB – can’t go without this stuff… I could eat it on cardboard and still enjoy it! 🙂 Same deal though, you can really eat a lot of it without realizing. Still, you can never go wrong with a PB&J or PB&honey sammie. Easy, quick and can take it anywhere.

1 TB of PB

WORKOUT – yoga class

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