Obsessions for the Fall

This post is a little late in the month, usually I do it early and yes it’s crappy because I don’t have a good picture. Notice there haven’t really been a lot of those lately!? Wow, I am slacking. Here’s the best I could do… playing with my new Jake’s old Iphone and all the cool camera settings.

need highlights

1.The Weather  2.New colors for fall (lipstick, purses, clothes – all the fun stuff)  3.No more humidity  4.Going to the Zoo (anyone want to come with me!!?)  5.This Bag  6.This new place for coffee  7.Spinach  8.Bananas  9.Working – What!!!? Who said THAT?  10.Switching up my SB order and trying new things (ie. tea)  11.The Oatmeal  12.Anything pumpkin  13.Dressing up for Halloween (pic to come later)  14.Tea (ok, not so much but I am trying)  15.Going to CABO in a few days!! 16.Purple – new fav color  17.Yoga  18.Meeting up with friends for coffee in the park  19.Yoga – obsession to replace running!  20.Closing in on a hard year and looking forward to the new…


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