Sangria and Snooki


Since I am being good this week and not going out, last night was a night in catching up on my reality TV. Not a bad night… but definitely would have rather been out with friends. There will be plenty more nights for that though – health comes first, just like in running. Although it’s hard to say no to running, drinking and having fun sometimes. Especially when you are out on a Friday night walking around (to CVS to get your 15th bottle of cough syrup) and you pass a bunch of cute little restaurants and outside places where people are laughing it up and drinking wine. Damn you, temptation. Soon, soon, soon… I will feel better and all these things will come back into play.

Sangria and Snooki – always entertaining. I only had ONE glass of wine so I needed to make it worth it. New fav recipe: microwave frozen cherries (since I love, love, love them so much), add some cinnamon and add to a glass of red wine. Warm and cozy.. perfect for this awesome fall snowy weather that we are having. Not cool! Why am I not somewhere warm and jet-setting off to another climate. Well… that is for next week. 😉

WORKOUT – yoga dvd


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