Cabo Here I Come

side ponytail, what?

More traveling?? What is up with this girl? Well… I just got lucky this year. And hopefully next, too ;). I blame it on Shan who asked me to go to Miami with her in March, just a little while after I got back from Mexico (too bad that was BB (before blog) because that would have been some great pics) Anyway, after that it kind of snowballed. SD, Chicago and there’s a few more in there too.

So more packing and traveling this week. I’m definitely excited to get out of this weather! And very excited to see Cabo since I’ve never been. This trip is for a wedding so there will be lots of festivities and fun things to talk about when I get back. Lots of yoga last week with the bride and getting psyched up!

My packing this time was the usual – throw a bunch of stuff into a suitcase and hope that it all works together when I get there. At least I can save some room this time since I am leaving the running sneaks at home 😦


One response

  1. Enjoy Cabo, I’ve never been (but some of my friends have), and they say it’s a lot of fun down there!

    November 3, 2011 at 10:09 pm

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