Question… has anyone ever tried Acupuncture? Well, I had my first experience yesterday and loved it! I was a little apprehensive at first and nervous once I got there and got a good look at the needles. There was a split second when I was on the table where I almost said forget it, and ran out. But I’m glad I didn’t! I had heard some runners mentioning that they have used acupuncture to treat injuries. And it’s also something I’ve always wanted to give a try. I figured it can’t hurt (well, literally it could), but if nothing I could gain some insight on the experience.

So I headed into my appointment yesterday evening. After going over full medical history and answering a million questions we got started. Stephanie at Empirical Point was great. She explained what exactly was going to happen and what to expect. The table was soft, comfy and heated so I tried to relax as much as I could. She first started with some relaxation points which included the ears, middle of the forehead and feet. The needle in the forehead was a bit weird and kind of pinched at first but I could actually feel it getting warm and relaxation setting in. Then it was onto the IT band. As soon as the trigger points were hit I felt my muscles jump. It was a little uncomfortable because my muscles were tightening up, but nothing worse than foam rolling. I had about 8 needles in my right thigh from my knee up to mid-thigh. Stephanie said she was surprised at how tight my ITB was and no wonder I was in so much pain. Thank you! I really am not crazy! I stayed on the table for about 20 minutes or so and then she hit some more points.

After that was done I rolled onto my stomach and she hit some spots in my upper back to release tension, and also help with sleep. A few more spots at the IT and we were done. I was so relaxed at that point, it was great! Overall I felt calm, happy, and chillin’ (if you get my drift) – she said it was normal to feel a little high, especially for your first time. Awesome! I was even giggling to myself when I got up and tried to put my shoes on. I headed out of there about an hour and a half later in a great mood feeling nice and calm.

I can already feel a difference in my knee and ITB. Next Friday is another scheduled session and will probably do about one or two more until all the pressure is released in my leg. And you know what time it is then… RUNNING TIME!!


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  1. Kim

    I’m so glad you wrote about this April. I’d been thinking about trying it for the lingering pain in my toe from the cat’s last attempt at murdering me, but I had not yet found a recommendation for a good practioner. I will call them on Monday!

    November 13, 2011 at 2:55 pm

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