Why? Because it’s Wednesday

Got to spend the day with Lori yesterday. And we’ve all heard about Lor already and how fun she is. It was a rainy day so we didn’t get to make the most of walking around and sitting outside but we still had a great time! Ended up at Pietro’s and I’m really not sure why neither of us got pizza. Definitely would have been a better decision than what I got. Lesson learned always go with your first instinct! And it helps to order what the restaurant specializes in. All good because we ended up getting free pizza at Serafina Happy Hour later in the day. AND amazing chocolate cake. We both decided that because it was Wednesday it was enough reason to hang out and have a little afternoon wine. Why not?

fun times

So then… I use this excuse for my morning run. Why did I run two miles on the treadmill today when I’m clearly not supposed to be running until I’m done my acupuncture sessions. Well… because it was a Thursday?? No – because I am literally going crazy without running in my life. And let me tell you that even two measly miles at 12/minute mile pace felt good! The love of my life is back! 😉 We’ll see… I don’t want to jump to conclusions but my knee felt decent, just a little bit of pressure so I’m going to take it really, really slow from here. The treadmill was a good way to start because I could set and keep a really slow easy pace, and I was also able to watch my alignment and stride in the mirror while running. Who doesn’t love watching themselves in the mirror anyway? Tomorrow will be the tell all but so far no pain.

i even loved the treadmill

WORKOUT – yoga class, 30min bike, 2 mile treadmill, weights


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