Cabo Wabo


Cabo was amazing!! (even though its been two weeks already since I got back, anyway). I love it there… almost as much as SD. The weather was absolutely perfect, it’s gorgeous and fun, of course. The resort that we stayed at was ridiculous. SO nice… great pool, service, style. I would go back there 100%. Cabo Azul Resort and Spa – check it! One of the best things was the little bubbles in the middle of the pool that you could lay on all day… great hangover cure. Especially after drinking 2 for 1 margaritas all day. I was surprised too because I thought not being on an all inclusive resort we would spend a ton of money. Drinks, water, and shrimp tacos can really add up. But it ended up being not a lot at all at the end of the weekend. Probably would have spent more if I had stayed in Philly. So since it’s been a while after the fact, here’s a quick re-cap with lots of pictures. They are more fun then listening to me babble on about nothing anyway. Here is the resort…  

After a long trip – cab, train, flights and such we finally made it down on Thursday afternoon. Party and wedding festivities began! There’s something special about the first night of vacation too, extra exciting and fun. And you always feel really good… before you start drinking and eating and not working out, like it’s your job!

airport pic

grapefruit juice for breakfast

almost there

Now looking back the weekend really did fly by. There was so much going on and so much to do in a short time. We did get the opportunity to head out in town and check out some places, Thursday and Friday night.

me and B

enough said

the pink kitty

And yes… this was this dude’s job. He got to drink while he worked too (I asked).

we love corona

the girls

The wedding was of course perfect… in B style. And everyone kept saying what an awesome time they had! I really can’t wait to go back!! Reunion anyone??

mr and mrs

Pool pic

look familiar?


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