It’s Wintertime


It definitely got cold…. fast! Well, I guess not really considering it’s almost Thanksgiving and it already snowed. I’m just not really sure where the end of summer and fall went. Must have been too busy to notice it this year. One thing is for sure when you walk everywhere you need to be prepared when you leave the house. No more running out with your socks on to warm up your car. Cute coats need to be warm coats now. But one major plus of not having a car or having to drive…. snow-days! No more clearing off tons of snow and worrying about driving in it.

To go along with my cold day I thought I’d try a little oatmeal this morning. I bought canned pumpkin at the store the other day because I’d been craving it (more so, pumpkin beer and pumpkin pie – but I’m trying the healthy version). So I mixed about half a cup of pumpkin mush into my oatmeal and it was really good! Would have been much better with some honey but didn’t have any. Too bad it looks gross. I don’t know how food bloggers always get their food to look so good. Mine… not so much. Most of it really does taste good though!

pumpkin stuff

WORKOUT – yoga class, 30 minute bike, weights


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