Sauna Vs Steam Room

What’s the diff really? I always wondered which is better for you or has better health benefits. I recently started using both to try them out. Sorry, no pics. I’m pretty sure I’d be kicked out of the gym for that. And also would have to upgrade my website from G to X rated. So here is some info that I found out on both. I’m still undecided which I prefer and I think might just depend on my mood. I think the Sauna does make you really sweat, and it’s easier to rub out your muscles. But the dry heat is always nice too and makes you chug tons of water. So what are your thoughts on this… which do you prefer?

Sauna and steam baths both have therapeutic benefits.

They’re good for:

  • improving blood circulation
  • cleaning and rejuvenating the skin
  • easing muscle tension
  • promoting feelings of relaxation and well-being
  • enhancing detoxification processes
  • lowering cholesterol
  • losing weight (really?? – how true is this one… maybe water weight)



2 responses

  1. Katya

    I prefer Russian Banya!
    Banya in Russian can refer to any kind of steam bath, but usually to the Russian type of sauna. Banya temperatures often will exceed 200 degrees Fahrenheit and special felt hats are typically worn to protect the head from this intense heat. Similarly, a user may prefer to sit on a small mat brought into the banya to protect his bare skin from the dry, hot wood of the banya’s interior benches. In Russia, special felt hats are commonly sold in sets with felt mitts, along with aromatherapy extracts for inclusion into the steam water. And now—Check!the most fun part of it (i know,kinda weird,but way too fun!)—-People often hit (massage) themselves or others with bunches of dried branches and leaves from white birch, oak or eucalyptus (called veniks) in order to improve the circulation. After the first good sweat is induced, it is customary to cool off in the breeze outdoors or splash around in cold water or in a lake or river. In the winter, people may roll in the snow with no clothes on or may run to cold lakes where holes have been cut into the ice for post-banya bathing purposes.–It’s true,it’s quite an experience to run out in your bathing suit when snow reaches your knees!Check!one more fun stuff! After each sweat, cooling off is repeated and patrons may take this break to drink beer, tea, or other beverages! BEER is the best,really cold one!!!Check!check! Check!
    Moral-we have to do it!!!!))) There’s one in Philadelphia,called Southapton SPA! A bit americanized,but still fun!

    November 19, 2011 at 6:16 pm

    • ok, so i think this is super cool!! the idea of rolling around in the snow in your bathing suit, beer… enough said.

      November 28, 2011 at 5:10 pm

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