The Things We Do for Running

relaxation points

Acupuncture – session two. Much different. I didn’t get that ‘giddy, slow, relaxed’ feeling (not as much). Still very relaxing and could definitely feel it doing it’s job. But I didn’t feel quit as out of it as the first time – unfortunately :).  My muscles didn’t jump as much and didn’t feel as tight as last time. We did a couple different pressure points, some more up towards my hip, which I really felt. A few different relaxation points and some below my knee. I’m really seeing how people love this because if it works for you, it’s amazing! For one – it takes a lot for me to sit still for 20 minutes, so just doing that is relaxing and concentrating on your muscles and how your body feels is beneficial. Plus you literally can feel your muscles jump, tense up and react. My ITB was much more loose this week and the pressure that I felt in my knee was less. This means it’s working!! Stephanie was nice enough to comply with my crazy blog-ness and take pics for me. They look tiny… but they are powerful!

tiny terrors


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