Sat on My Couch and Laced Up My Sneaks

missed my sneaks!

Wow, this was a long time coming. I think it’s been about 3 months + since I’ve done this. Yes – I finally got a couch. And Yes – I finally got to go running! Outside, too! What an amazing feeling this week has been, being able to do some cardio. I had a few great workouts. Well not exactly great but pretty good for not having any for a long time.  

WORKOUT – MONDAY – 3 miles outside

WORKOUT – TUESDAY – spin, weights

WORKOUT – TODAY – 4 miles outside, yoga class, weights



Today was excellent, and I got that runner’s high/lovelife/loverunning/can’twaittorunmoremiles feeling! Sorry… that is the only way I can begin to explain it. Plus I loved the fact that it was raining. There’s just something about running in a light rain that’s really addicting. Maybe because there aren’t a lot of other people out, maybe because you feel that you are a true runner… or a little crazy.

KD was pretty flooded from all the rain lately, nothing near what it was like after Irene.

I started off feeling great at a 7:30 pace and then realized that was a bad idea. So I pulled back and really slowed down. Ended up being able to hold a 10min mile pace. Not my favorite but it is a must until I get back into it. Considering I really haven’t done anything the past few months and the fact that I’m carrying a little ‘cabo/end of summer’ weight, I was pretty surprised with my endurance. Although…. can not wait to run more!!


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