Call the Doctor

So it’s official. I finally have an appointment with my ortho on Friday. Let’s see what this IT issue really is. I think I’ve been putting it off for so long because 1.I am in denial that I haven’t been able to run  2.I’m afraid of what he is going to tell me (which is most likely going to be PT for 6 weeks and no running). I think I’ve already come to terms with that considering I haven’t been running as it is. AND, as long as I can start training again beginning of January and start the new year off right, I’ll be a happy little girl. In the meantime… I need to keep training mode in my head. I’m definitely going to be signing up with TNT again this year to run another marathon. I’m thinking about Vancouver, or San Diego again??? And there are some others on the map for the spring.

BMO Vancouver

Rock’n’Roll Mardid – what is this new guy!!?? on the RnR calendar that I missed

Rock’n’Roll San Diego – why mess with perfection…

LiveStrong Austin



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