I Just Can’t Help Myself

So…. I went running again. Even though I shouldn’t be. I woke up in the best mood today and was just antsy to run (as usch). But today it was worse and I just HAD to go! Plus I figured if the doc tells me on Friday that I can’t run for a while then at least I’ll have gotten one more good one in.

perfect morning weather

The sky looked awesome this morning and it was great running weather. That changed real fast. Although I do love running in the rain. Started up and just felt SO good! No one was out, which is my fav. Good songs, nice weather, perfect fall trees and scenery. It was nice to head a little further down KD and run where I used to. Such good memories!! Can’t wait to get back out there for good. We’ll see what the next day brings but I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of foam rolling in my future.

rainy day hair

And why does ‘running in the rain hair’ look better than my normal hair. Maybe I need to stop showering after runs? 😉

WORKOUT – 5 miles


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