Helloooo December

How is it December already!!? WOW. The fall literally flew by. I can’t even tell you what I did besides sit on my ass, not run, and procrastinate everything in my life. I realized I have been kind of MIA lately. Not even really sure what I’ve been up to the last month or two. Much needed time to myself, I think. Now being more on a schedule, and having more things in order in my life I feel a lot better and am ready to prepare things for the next month to start off the new year on the right foot. And that means both feet – better be running. I have a lot of goals that I’d like to accomplish this year and can’t wait to start. This next month will be a good challenge and prep for 2012.  

Ran this morning, again. All I could think about was this…


My knee and hip felt pretty good. Tightened up after mile 2.5 so I lengthened my stride a little bit and it seemed to help. I was only planning on running 4, but since I felt good I figured I’d push it to 5… and by the time I looked down at G-man I was already at my turnaround point anyway. Then heading to the end of the trail I decided to just run back to my apartment instead of walking. So of course I started on another mile and since I’m crazy and obsessive about mileage I had to finish it. So I ran around the block and right to SB. 6 miles baby! Feel good… foam rolled as soon as I got home, which hurt – a lot. But I definitely feel the pressure points easing out. Who knows what this means. I guess I will find out for sure tomorrow, but for now I am happy to have gotten two good runs in this week. RUN HAPPY!!

porta potty practice

WORKOUT- yoga class, 6 miles

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